Many people like to get pets, so they can have companions in their homes and show him or her love. However, some people may feel like they can’t raise cats correctly, so they may wonder if they should adopt one. Since figuring this out can be difficult, you should consider these five points before you get a cat to make sure you can properly care for one.

1. Figure Out How to Feed Your Cat

Before you get a cat, you should figure out how you plan to feed him or her. This seems simple, but you need to remember cats need to eat multiple times a day, so you need to work a schedule around this. For example, you may need to stop by your home during your lunch break to feed your cat as you work around your schedule.

If you can’t go home regularly, you should purchase an automatic feeder for your cat. These devices will dispense food and water at preset times, so you can keep your cat fed when you can’t return to your house due to scheduling.

2. Find the Right Litter Box

Having a cat in your house means your furry friend needs a place to use the bathroom. If you plan to have your cat indoors a lot of the time, you need to get a litter box for him or her to use. People purchase litter boxes for their cats since the boxes can easily store urine and feces in them while minimizing the scent.

You can find many types of litter boxes and identify the best one for your furry friend. For example, you may want to get your cat a modern cat litter box if you want something more discrete and stylish, so review your options and choose the ideal one.

3. Focus on Making Your Home Safe

While you should have a safe home overall, you need to consider your cat’s safety. This means cleaning your home regularly so that you won’t leave any potentially dangerous messes around your house. However, you should also go through your home, identify potential dangers a cat could face, and see if you can remove them.

For example, blind cords can pose a choking hazard for pets, so you should make sure you find a way to prevent your cat from reaching them. A cat can face many other dangers in a house, so you must go through each part systematically and remove the potential dangers if possible.

4. Consider Your Family Members 

Since adopting a cat doesn’t only affect your life, you need to make sure you consider your family members before purchasing a cat. For example, if you discover one of your family members has a cat allergy, you shouldn’t get a cat. You can find this out by having your family members spend some time with cats to see how they react.

On top of that, you should consider your younger family members. For example, if you have babies or young children in your house, they could get hurt by the cat. This means you should make sure you find a cat who can handle young children.

5. Having an Indoor or Outdoor Cat

If you decide to get a cat, determine if the cat will spend most of his or her time inside or outside. Depending on the size of your house, you may want to let your cat spend lots of time outside, so he or she can run around. On the other hand, if you get a docile cat, you may want to keep him or her indoors when possible.

If you can’t let your cat stay inside due to potential dangers, you can leave him or her outside. However, if you don’t have a safe outdoor or indoor environment, you may not want to get a cat.


Caring for a cat requires work, but having a furry friend in your home can make you feel loved. If you like the idea of having a cat in your home, go through these five points and see if you can handle them. When these points are covered, you are ready to consider adopting a cat.