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About Us

1Source is a data analysis social enterprise dedicated to promoting the development of conscientious enterprises; through our product and ingredient analysis platform, the public can effectively avoid harmful substances in consumer products.

We believe it is not difficult for everyone to find that today’s economy relies on flashy advertising and marketing hype to drive product sales. The well-being of our economy and the sustainability of our ecosystem really depend on the quality of consumer products. Since all commodities are composed of compounds (also known as ingredients), the ingredients we use determine the fate of our economy and ecosystem. Therefore, it is especially important to understand the ingredients and their health risks to consumers, the environment, and all living creatures. The sole purpose of 1Source is to let consumers understand the nature of product ingredients, so as to avoid harmful health risks.

We are committed to building a healthier and more sustainable world through the promotion of environmental, social and governance business practices.

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  • This course consists of 3 lessons, including tutorials, documentary and experiment.
  • Every lesson comprises both text and pictures for explanation.
  • Each class only takes 10-20 minutes
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