In Summer, we see women all over the globe battle against the heat and humidity to keep their make up looking perfect. Instead of using liquid foundation, most women opt to use cushion foundation compacts during this time period as it is less prone to melting and turning into a wet mess in the raging heat. Cushion foundation compacts is thin in texture, provides an effortless coating over the face, and does its job of enhancing skin radiance.

Harmful Ingredients In Cushioned Compacts

However, it is worth being careful when investing in these summer time foundation compacts as a recent study carried out by the Hong Kong Consumer Council brought to light that certain harmful ingredients were found in certain cushion foundation compacts. Long term usage of products may result in health complications.

The Consumer Council continued their research by testing 30 samples of cushion foundations ranging from 45HKD to 700HKD and their findings are summarized as followed.

Consumer Council Results:

  • Cadmium content of 3 samples exceeds German Restriction Guidelines
  • Traces of lead found in as many as 14 samples
  • Paraben preservatives found in 4 samples
  • 4 samples found to have poor antiseptic performance

Further Explanations:

  • Excessive intake of lead may harm the development of the fetus
  • Paraben preservatives were found to interfere with hormone secretion
  • Poor antiseptic performance in some models may cause the cultivation and growth of black Koji bacteria which may cause skin allergy, itching, or black koji disease.

4 Compact Foundation Powders Recommended by the Consumer Council

Here are 4 compact foundation powders that passed the no chemicals and anti- corrosion effect test by the Hong Kong Consumer Council:

It is highly recommended that consumers use ingredient testing platforms such as 1Source to analyze the contents of products to vet the safety of ingredients. If the product is not found in the 1Source database, you can contact us to enter your ingredients for testing. 


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See the ratings of of some Consumer Council’s recommended cushion foundations: