There are many successful stories of Eczema suffers who have claimed to have conquered the conditioning of their skin by following a fruit and vegetable diet. With more sufferers looking at diet solutions, what can a fruit and vegetable diet actual do to your body?

You can stay healthy by eating fruits and vegetables as part of a healthy, balanced diet. Consuming enough of these foods is essential for your health.

Research shows that eating at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables every day is beneficial to your health. That’s five portions of fruit and vegetables in total, not five portions of each kind. An 80g serving of fruit and vegetables is considered a portion. Does sticking to a pure fruit and vegetable diet have any effect on Eczema?

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raw diet for curing Eczema, does it work?

The Benefits of Only Fruits and Vegetables

A fruit or vegetable’s nutritional composition is quite beneficial. Weight loss diets include these foods because of their low calories and high levels of essential nutrients. It used to be customary to eat vegetables as part of a wholesome meal, and to eat fruit as a snack in between meals. Dietitians and nutritionists often recommended such a diet to clients.

The trend nowadays is to consume only fruits and vegetables, rather than complete meals. Social media and the internet have become increasingly popular for people who have shared personal anecdotes about their weight loss journey. If you don’t consume other whole foods, what does that really do to your body?

Fruits and vegetables is an important pillar of a healthy and balanced diet, as well as a weight loss tool. Due to the nutritional value of these foods, athletes and bodybuilders have long consumed them. Raw veganism, which consumes foods in their natural form, is defined as a diet made up of only fruit and vegetables. Nuts and seeds are also part of such a diet. The majority of health benefits of an exclusively fruits and vegetable diet have been connected to fruits and vegetables, in addition to the fact that vegans have more options to choose from.

There is more to losing weight with fruits and vegetables than just the fact that they are healthier. The substance has been shown to be effective in lowering cholesterol levels and blood pressure and boosting blood vessel health that boosts the immune system. A further benefit of these foods is that they contain antioxidants that can reduce DNA damage, thereby lowering cancer risks.

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The Disadvantages of Only Fruits and Vegetables

It is common to adopt such a diet to lose weight, but it is detrimental for the body since it provides no other nutritional sources. The result is an unhealthful form of weight loss, as one loses muscle mass and strength as well.

The macronutrient intake will be insufficient or imbalanced, since fruits and vegetables lack fats and proteins, both of which are essential for the human body. As a result of eating too few calories, one’s energy levels gradually fall, making it impossible to carry out daily activities. Along with essential macronutrients, fruits and vegetables do not contain nutrients like calcium, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, and omega-6 fatty acids. Having a diet high in raw foods might lead to a fiber overdose, which can exacerbate gas or bloating.

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Successful Only Fruits and Vegetables Diet for Eczema

A success story which comes from the UK that claims a fruit and veg diet cured a model’s extreme Eczema. Paula Adamczyk had Eczema since a young age and used steroid creams to mange her systems. In 2017, her symptoms got worse, to what she described as rotting flesh.

In pictures from The Sun (UK Newspaper), her Eczema covered most of her body. She spent a lot of time indoors and decided enough was enough. She found blogs claiming that a fruit-based diet cured them, to which she experimented.

Paula became a fruitarian in 2018 and saw massive improvements to her weight and skin. She manged to lose four stone (25kg) thanks to a diet that consists of salads and fruits. In the beginning she began with a vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free diet, but soon started eliminating mucus-producing foods (oil and starches to name a few).

To view the full article with pictures, you can visit here.

What Foods are Beneficial for Eczema?

There are many different types of foods to include because of their potential benefits.

Food and their benefits for Eczema

EczemaFeed’s View

Paula noted her difficulty with her skin since she was young and was used to using steroid creams to help sooth her symptoms. Steroid creams are not the answer for long term results, they can thin the skin and your skin can become dependent on it. For information, you can read our article on the matter.

Eliminating foods is an ideal practice when you have bad flare ups. It is important to get an allergy test to get a better understanding of what foods you should avoid. While her diet change can be classed as ‘extreme’, she took a natural root which provided her the benefits. For common foods to avoid, you can read our article.

A well-balanced meal is important irrespective of your goals, according to most dietitians. Whatever your goals may be — losing weight or gaining muscle, your body requires full nutrition. As part of a well-balanced diet, include fruits and vegetables. The body will suffer long term if you rely solely on raw foods. You should stick to this diet for a maximum of 3 days if you wish to detox and cleanse your body. 

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