Beauty is an ever-changing concept. During each decade, women tend to change their looks many times. What looks wonderful one year may be laughed at the next. One absurd look may take hold in one year, have women follow it for the next few years, and then get dropped. Ironically, that look may come roaring back in another decade for another generation.

The concept of beauty for women can vary widely with each new look. Some women are totally devoted to fashion and makeup looks and will follow the trends slavishly. Other women might ignore the whole concept and keep their routine the same from year to year and only change it when they have to choose something different. Such is the story for many women. Like it, love it, or just being indifferent to style, it is all good depending on the individual woman.

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The Natural-Makeup-Makeup

Beauty trends change. In this decade, the ‘natural’ look in makeup for the popular everyday look is easier to create than in other times. Here are some of the top tips:

1. Moisturize

This is essential for every day but even more crucial in dry times like winter. A moisturized face makes a great canvas to work with for the natural-makeup-makeup. Even if you have no interest in putting on any makeup, moisturizing should be part of your everyday skincare routine. 

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2. Covering Fine Lines 

Instead of a heavy contour, you should use concealer only in areas where you most need it, such as the under eyes. It has always been said to use a concealer shade lighter than your foundation for better coverage, in the natural-makeup-makeup look, this is a myth. Expert makeup artists quoted in Glamor Magazine suggest you use the point of a makeup brush to reach finer lines.

3. Foundation

Regarding foundation, makeup artists suggest using a foundation stick instead of powder as it gives greater coverage, like a crayon, use this as a base all over your face. The moisturizer you apply to your face will help achieve a dewy look. And for a dewier look, you can mix your foundation and moisturizer on your hand before application. 

4. Blush

To get the look that gives you the most glow, use a crème blush in place blush in powdered form. Smile and apply the brush to the ‘apple’ of your cheeks for best results. Remember not to add too much, avoid the overuse of blush, it will not look natural.

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5. Eye Shadow

If you have oily eyelids, you should consider adding a primer over the whole eye area. Some may need to use this tip to keep eyeshadow in place as you age. Many makeup experts suggest that the trend is to use a shimmery shade. That will differ depending on skin color or the most natural one you can choose. 

6. Adding Bronze Shadow

Today’s trend for the natural look suggests the use of a bronze shade in the creases of the lids. This trend emphasizes that the shadow needs to be blended carefully to look natural. Be careful not to use a darker color to highlight dark areas near your eyes.

7. Completing Your Eye Look

Add definition to your eyes by rimming them with a brownish color will make your eyes less ‘made up’ and more natural. Use an eyelash curler to enhance your look, and use a little couple of coats of mascara for your eyes to pop.

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8. Enhancing Your Lips

There are many options to complete your look with something for your lips. Many on-trend suggestions suggest you use a pear lip balm to keep lips moist, supple, and healthy. The pear lip balm is a reimagined version of the original 101 ointments and holds 200% of its weight in moisture. It has pear seed oil that softens the lips and Vitamin E that acts as an anti-oxidant. It is also made of pure Australian lanolin, a better alternative to petroleum oils.

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The Natural Look Today

Today’s natural look takes some effort and a number of products to achieve it, but if you are seeking to be on-trend while not going overboard and looking too made up, it is the way to go.

You should always be free to be yourself and look as you want. And the natural look is one of the lovely ways to make this happen.

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