6 Eczema Myths

Eczema is a skin condition that has many sufferers in the world. Over 10% of the population in United States have it. Patches of skin can be itchy, inflamed, cracked and rough. There is a lot to be learned on the condition, but what are the myths of Eczema?

1. Eczema can be cured

The solution that every Eczema sufferer is looking for, is Eczema curable? As a longtime sufferer, I have been searching, researching, looking, you name it for this solution. Unfortunately, the answer is… there is no cure for eczema.

BUT it can be managed! Luckily for myself I got to that stage through trial and error. In rare cases you can grow out of it, but every Eczema case is different. One of the best ways to manage Eczema is finding an ointment that is compatible and is able to get rid of the irritants that you have.

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2. Eczema is contagious

Bizarrely, this myth is one of the most common! As a kid I remember getting ask this a lot. If you touch Eczema, can you catch it? If you live with somebody with Eczema, will you get it eventually?

Despite the exact cause of Eczema is still largely unknown, it is believed to do with genes, allergens, and environmental factors. It is NOT contagious, it is a genetic condition. Although, Eczema can spread infection through severe cases.

3. If you have Eczema, your child will get it

A family member having Eczema can increase the possibility of getting Eczema. There is an 80% chance of a child having Eczema if both of the parents have it. There are many types of Eczemas which do not entirely relate to genes.

I fall into the category of inheriting from my mother. Guess I didn’t beat the odds!

4. Eczema will disappear on its own

I wish. Oh how I wish! Treating Eczema with ointments is an effective way of preventing it from becoming more severe. With no treatment, Eczema can get more inflamed, leading to scratching and bacterial infections.

Eczema cannot clear up on its own. It is only possible if you are using skin oils, creams or medication that is used to help the symptoms.

5. Eczema is a disease for children

As mentioned before, you do not grow out of Eczema. It is a big misconception that it is only a skin condition for children. Babies can get atopic dermatitis, a type of Eczema. As we grow grow older, we can develop other types of Eczema.

If you don’t believe adults can get Eczema, then check out the Eczema Stories! There are many online communities connecting adult Eczema sufferers, sharing their experiences. I highly recommend you go to Reddit to find the Eczema community, as many tell their own story with no judgement.

6. Eczema is nothing

This one is the hardest to deal with. Many people believe that Eczema is not a big deal. I am sure most Eczema sufferers have heard the terms:

  • don’t scratch!
  • why don’t you try…
  • stop doing…

We have heard it all! Eczema not only affects our physical skin, but it also has a HUGE impact on our mental health. The most common symptom is an intense itch which can become uncontrollable. Excessive scratching can lead to bleeding, then to infection.

The problem Eczema sufferers face is that it cannot be cured. There is no quick fix and every case is different.

For more information on Eczema, I highly recommend going to the prime source, the National Eczema Association.

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