Jessica Alba’s Skincare Routine – A Closer Look

Jessica Alba is an American actress who is best known by her numerous box office hits throughout her career, including Fantastic Four and Sin City. Alba and her business partner Christopher Gavigan launched The Honest Company in 2012 which excelled to a value of 1 billion USD by 2014. In October 2015, Alba launched Honest Beauty, a collection of skin care and beauty products.

What is The Honest Company? According to their website, they are a wellness brand empowering people to live happy, healthy lives. They believe in transparency and hold themselves to an Honest standard of safety.

On her own Youtube channel, Alba goes through the products she uses in her own skincare routine, all of which are from Honest Beauty. Do these products live up to the safety standards they have set? Let us take a closer look.

ProductPotential Risk Index

Alba starts off with Honest Prime and Perfect Mask that makes her skin to what she describes as looking tighter and brighter. She enjoys the smell, and compliments of how moisturizing and soft it is. The product itself scores an acceptable rating of 4, but has a number of alarming ingredients.

For those with sensitive skin, Orange Peel Extract can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions. We highly recommend you research this particular ingredient if you decide to try out the product.

ProductPotential Risk Index

Next, she applies Honest Beauty Magic Balm on her lips, eyelids and under her eyes. It is recommended that you keep the lids and under eyes hydrated when applying. She then left the mask and balm on for 10 minutes.

There is only one alarming ingredient in the balm called Kaolin. Kaolin can cause skin irritation, especially serious irritation to the eyes so must be used as directed. It can also cause damage to organs through prolong or repeated exposure.

She then uses a sponge with warm water to take off the mask and balm. She uses the Honest Beauty Sponge as it gives her a little bit of exfoliation.

ProductPotential Risk Index

Next she uses Honest Beauty Vitamin C Radiance Serum. She applies two pumps on her hand, rubs it together and applies it onto her entire face. The serum has no alarming ingredients and ranks well within our system.

ProductPotential Risk Index

Then she uses Honest Beauty Hydrogel Cream, a product she rates highly as it contains over 70% water, instantly hydrating the face. Again, the product she uses has no alarming ingredients at all and scores a Potential Risk Index of 4.

ProductPotential Risk Index

Before applying her Honesty Beauty Lip Balm, she applies more Honest Beauty Magic Balm on her eyelids. The only alarming ingredient in the lip balm is the dye. The particular ingredient, CI 15850 has been prohibited by the European Commission for use in cosmetic products.

ProductPotential Risk Index

Lastly, she uses Honest Beauty Elevated Hydration Mist on her face, which she describes as an instant spa treatment all the time. It scores a generous rating of 4 on the Potential Risk Index but has one identifiable harmful ingredient, Abies Sibirica Oil. According to the EU Cosling Anex III, it is a substance with restrictions in cosmetic products.

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The products she uses in her routine are acceptable according to the Potential Risk Index rating. The only concern is those with sensitive should take in consideration the Honest Prime and Perfect Mask and Honest Beauty Magic Balm as they contain harmful ingredients that can irritate skin.

5 Tips For Buying Kid-Friendly Furnitures

There’s a common misconception that it’s notoriously difficult to shop for children’s furniture. To that, I can say most people just don’t know what to look for. Most parents don’t think too much about proper kid’s furniture because they think it’ll only last for a couple of years before those are outgrown and need to be replaced. But the right furniture for children can really help them go through their developmental stages smoothly. And while it’s true that children’s furniture don’t have the same usability as those intended for adults, good quality pieces can be handed down to younger siblings, relatives, or sold as pre-owned furniture. For those curious enough below are a few basic tips you need to consider when choosing kid-friendly furniture.

1. Safety Considerations

When it comes to children’s furniture, you might want to go for pieces that are bright, fun, and funky. Or you might want to reuse a family heirloom that’s been passed from your parents and now you’re thinking of letting your children use it as part of a tradition. And while style and sentimentality have a huge factor in choosing children’s furniture, you also have to take into consideration the safety aspect.

Kids have very little regard for safety. They are at a stage in their development where they are curious and like to sample and try out everything they can get their little hands on. Playtime is also a major part of their lives as it teaches them important skills, not to mention help them develop physically. It only makes sense that you get the furniture that is not only functional but safe.

Vintage, antique, or pre-used furniture that you’re thinking of getting for your kids should conform to modern safety standards. Make sure that antique or pre-used beds don’t have missing slats or come with rails that are sturdy and don’t easily come off. They should be no more than 2 3/4 inches apart. Victorian-era high chairs might fit into your house motif perfectly but they’ll need to be equipped with safety straps if you plan on using it to seat a toddler.

The type of material is also another safety consideration you need to keep in mind in selecting children’s furniture. Glass tables might be trendy but breakable materials don’t mix well with children. Also, furniture intended for use by children should be non-slip. Make sure that tables that are used for placing hot food and drink on should not be easily moved or pushed over.

2. Appropriate Material

Choosing the perfect kid’s furniture is more than just theme, style, and color. You need to pay attention to the type of material they’re made of. When shopping around at beddingnbeyond, it’s helpful if you keep in mind that furniture pieces for children should be sturdy and easy-to-clean.

Plush fabric, similar to stuffed animals, is something that many children find cozy and comfortable. Pieces made from this material are perfect for the bedroom or playroom. The material is safe, comfortable, and lightweight making it easy for children to drag the furniture around.

Wood is also another option for kid-friendly furniture material. Known for their sturdiness and durability, wood is the preferred material for cribs, tables, and chairs. Wood is also quite easy to customize by simply painting it with a color that matches the theme of the room or the favorite color of your child. It’s also very easy to maintain wooden furniture pieces and it’s almost guaranteed that wooden furniture pieces last for a long time.

Wicker is another material that is lightweight and classically stylish which makes it a great option for kids’ furniture, especially as a storage item. Toy basket and chest can be made from wicker as the construction is light enough for small hands to open and close, or drag around. Furniture pieces like tables and chairs can also be made from wicker since it is well-known for being durable and can stand up to heavy use.

A lot of furniture pieces made from canvas have been trending in recent years. The material is strong, lightweight, and stylish. They can be perfect for bins, trays, and baskets to hold children’s stuff. Canvas can be combined with other material such as wood and wicker. The only downside to this material is it might need occasional cleaning and washing since it picks up dirt and stain easily.

3. Choosing a Bed

The moment your child gets to around 35 inches tall or strong enough to be able to climb out of the crib, it’s time for them to have their own furniture. Several beds are made specifically for toddlers in mind, around 18 to 24 months. Getting their own furniture, like a bed, helps transition their mindset that they’re not babies anymore. Beds for toddlers are the perfect size for them to get in and out of bed without any assistance, which helps to encourage a feeling of independence.

These beds are usually low to the ground and can hold a crib mattress so you don’t have to get a new one for the toddler bed. A toddler bed can also be a great way to help them adjust more smoothly into a bigger bed a couple of years down the line. These beds usually come equipped with side rails to prevent them from rolling out of bed.

For older children, twin beds would be a perfect bed size. Some twin beds even cope with storage underneath which helps to maximize the limited space of the room. There are options for a more classic design like canopy and sleigh beds to bed designs that lean more towards the whimsical.

For siblings, a trundle bed that features a second mattress that slides underneath is a great way to maximize a child’s room. Bunk beds are also a great way to create amazing memories between siblings and, as a bonus, allow for more room for other furniture that they need. Make sure to check that the bunk bed has a sturdy ladder and comes with guardrails. Bunk beds should only be for children seven years old and older. Another space-save kid-friendly furniture is a loft bunk bed that includes a desk, shelves, or futon on the first level and a bed above.

4. Storage Options

Now that the bed is out of the way, let’s move on to storage. Growing children will need a lot of storage in their room, sometimes more than what adults need. Transitioning from different stages of development will mean they will quickly outgrow a lot of the stuff they have which needs to be stored either in their room or somewhere else.

A great tip when it comes to kids’ storage furniture is choosing one that serves multiple purposes. For example, bookshelves don’t have to be used just for books along. It can also be used to store dolls, toys, board games, stuffed animals, art projects, and trophies that can all be displayed on bookshelves. Bins and baskets that are kept in closets or bookshelves can be used for added storage. Coat racks can be used not just to keep jackets and coats but can also be somewhere to hang their backpack.

Beds that offer storage underneath also helps to keep children’s rooms tidier. You can store clothing that they’ve outgrown here or even toys they no longer find interesting. Once it’s time to do spring cleaning, you know where you can find your children’s things you can throw out or donate.

Bins for toys placed along the walls or at the foot of their bed is also another solution for making cleaning up easy and fast. Dressers are usually meant for holding clothes but you can easily set aside a drawer for toys.

But the best solution to maximize storage in kids’ rooms and keeping their rooms organized and neat is to encourage them early on to be organized. Getting them storage like bins and dressers that they can use on their own will help them be more mindful of their own things and where to store them.

5. Desk and Tables

As toddlers begin to walk around on their own, they might feel like everything is giant-size. If you want to give them a place to play or work that is just made for them, you can get them a kids’ table and chair. These are great places to play mages, eat snacks, or make crafts. You’ll soon realize that children’s furniture requires very little maintenance since this furniture is made to withstand playful kids. A quick wipe down of the table and chairs every now and then is all that you need to keep it clean and tidy.

To encourage reading among children, you can choose to go with a rocking chair in their room, right beside their bookshelf. A kid’s bean bag is also another way to make their room a lot more comfortable. They can use it as a regular chair but it can also be a great place to take a nap.

Kids’ chairs and tables placed outdoors is a great way to encourage children to spend time on the deck or patio. Most of these types of chairs come in a variety of styles and colors that can match your other furniture. There are also options for tables and chairs made for kids that are available in fun and exciting themes that match their emerging tastes. You can go to a table decorated with sports themes, animals, or princess.

For older children who spend a lot more of their time doing schoolwork, a good desk is an ideal furniture to create a schoolwork zone in their room. A computer desk is perfect if you plan on getting them their own computer. If they’ll be using a laptop, any kid’s desk will do. Make sure you ask their input as to the style and color of the desk they prefer. You can also suggest ones that match the decor of their room for cohesiveness.

It would do well if you choose a desk or table that is easy to clean and comes with a lot of storage. And with their own desk, you should also think about getting them a desk lamp for task lighting.

Are Spray Deodorants Good For You?

Everyday before we head outside, we apply deodorant to prevent our body odor from spreading. Deodorants keep us fresh and give us the confidence we need when approaching others.

Aren’t all deodorants the same? We may think that, but most adverts do not focus on what is in the product itself. They focus on the effect it can have when applied, like attracting the opposite sex for example. When we buy deodorant, do we focus on the ingredients or the smell more? It is safe to assume when we buy fragrant products, we focus on the smell.

Spray and Roll On

There are two different types of deodorant, spray and roll on. We have our personal preferences when it comes to selecting the type. For many like myself, I choose to use spray as it is fast, flexible and flamboyant. However many choose roll on because it is more effective, direct, compact and doesn’t leave any white marks like a spray does. Should we worry about what type of deodorant we are using? Or is there a bigger problem that we haven’t considered yet.

Those with sensitive skin and breathing problems like asthma will understand the challenge of finding a deodorant that works for them. It needs to compatible with their condition. I have eczema and have gone through many different types of deodorant with mixed results. During my trial and error peroid, I didn’t consider an important element when selecting deodorants to use; the ingredients.

In the 1Source system, we currently have over 1000 deodorants in our system that analyses their ingredients. Let us have a look at some of the products I have used before and how they fair.

DeodorantPotential Risk Index

You can see from the information gathered by, all of my deodorants are on the highest Potential Risk Index rating of 10. The key ingredient that is highlighted by the system is Butane, which is found in all of the products bar one (Adidas). All the other ingredients are generally safe or acceptable, apart from Parfum which is the fragrance.

What is Butane?

Butane is a gas at room temperature and atmospheric pressure. It is highly flammable, colorless, easily liquefied gases that quickly vaporize at room temperature.

Safety and Hazards

  • May cause drowsiness or dizziness (H336)
  • May cause genetic defects (H340)
  • May cause cancer (H350)

Potential Health Concerns

  • Cranial Nerve Diseases (PubMed ID:12635524)

Alternative Products

There are more organic sprays that do not use Brutane as an active ingredient. Alternatively, roll on deodorant tend to be better alternative but we all have our preferences as stated before. So what deodorants are there that are safer in terms of ingredients for us? We can use 1Source to compile a list for us.

DeodorantPotential Risk Index

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We are not suggesting to change your products because of one harmful ingredient. Our goal is to educate and give alternative solutions. Those with sensitive skin should take in consideration the deodorant they are using could be a trigger to flare ups. Knowledge is power.

Kylie Jenner’s Skincare – Harmful?

Kylie Jenner is a media personality from America who has a net worth of over 900 million USD at the age of 22. In May 2019, she launched her own skincare line, KylieSkin. She has often been referred by the media as the face every teenage girl wants. With over 170 million Instagram followers, her online presence is something to be admired.

But how great are her products? On her Youtube channel, she revealed her daily skincare routine which involves the products in her line. She has stated that her products are cruelty free, vegan, gluten free, paraben and sulfate free, making it suitable for all skin types.

Let us take a closer look at them and they fare with our Potential Risk Index.

ProductPotential Index Rating

Kylie Skin Face Wash


Kylie Skin Walnut Face Scrub


Kylie Skin Vanilla Milk Toner


potential risk index 4

Kylie Skin Vitamin C Serum


Kylie Skin Face Moisturizer


Kylie Skin Eye Cream


1Source View

Kylie Jenner’s skincare products rank fairly. Most of the ingredients are in the acceptable bracket in our Potential Risk Index scale. However there is one ingredient in all of her products that should be used sparingly and must be highlighted as it is harmful to our environment, scoring a 10, the highest harmful index.


Phenoxyethanol is a colorless liquid with a pleasant odor. It is a glycol ether used as a perfume fixative, insect repellent, antiseptic, solvent, preservative, and also as an anesthetic in fish aquaculture.

Phenoxyethanol is rapidly absorbed through the skin within 24 hours. It can cause a localized toxic sensation of burning and itching through the exposure of dermal tissues. Phenoxyethanol showed the lowest cytotoxicity out of most parabens and triclosan, though human patch tests showed it to have a higher skin irritation potential compared to methylparaben and triclosan.

 The EU SCCS has classified phenoxyethanol as safe for use as a preservative with a maximum concentration of 1.0%. However, care should still be taken when using products with phenoxyethanol, given its potential as a skin irritant.

Safety and Hazards

  • Harmful if swallowed
  • Causes skin irritation
  • Causes serious eye irritation
  • May cause drowsiness or dizziness

Potential Health Concerns For:

  • Dermatitis, Atopic

Palau Sunscreen Ban

Since January 2020, the Republic of Palau issued a new law that banned skincare products containing Phenoxyethanol as it is a known environmental pollutant chemical that can be incredibly toxic to juvenile stages of many wildlife species in the ocean.

1Source Final Comments

It should be noted that Phenoxyethanol is an ingredient that is not suitable for all skin types as it has potential health concerns for atopic dermatitis users. Phenoxyethanol is a controversial chemical that can be detrimental to marine lives including corals, therefore adversely affecting our environment and our lives. Pregnant women should consult their doctors before using products containing phenoxyethanol.